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When my puppies become ready to go to their new homes, they tend to go pretty fast. Therefore, I accept a $200 deposit to hold a puppy. The deposit comes out of the purchasing price and it is non-refundable.


I have made this new button where you can place a deposit on a puppy. The deposit is $200 and this will hold the puppy for you until you can pick him/her up. There is also a 4% transaction fee that paypal charges, which is included. If you decide that you want a different puppy then the one you put a deposit on, you can switch your deposit to another puppy as long as that puppy is still available.


People who live in Kentucky will have to pay a 6% KY Sales Tax.


To place a deposit on your puppy, enter the puppies name that is listed and then click "Pay Now."


Deposit: Puppy Name/Gender


I am able to ship puppies by plane if it is necessary. The airport requires a health certificate from the vet in order to ship a puppy. Therefore, you will receive a brand new crate and the health certificate from the vet if you have your puppy shipped to you.


You are welcome to come to my home to pick up your puppy.


Lastly, I can have someone drive the puppy to your home. Depending on the location, this option could be cheaper or more expensive than shipping by plane.


I will give you a record of their shots/vaccinations and deworming (preventative treatment) information.


Also, I will give you a small bag of the dog food that I feed them. I feed my puppies diamond puppy food, which is four star rated puppy food. This way if you would like to switch their food you can mix what I send with you with what you will be giving them. Switching dog foods too quickly without mixing them will upset their stomach and cause them to become sick.


I accept cash, debit, credit, and paypal. I no longer accept checks.


All of my puppies are registered first generation.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Allison Clark (Alli)

Bowling Green KY, 42101

Email: allison.clark123@aol.com

Number: 270-796-0086


Brandy Ramsey

Bowling Green KY, 42101

Email: jessieandmozart@aol.com

Number: 270-796-0086 (Call/Text)


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