Preventing a Sugar Drop in Small




Juvenile Hypoglycemia


It is very common for small puppies to have a sugar drop. Therefore, I like to inform people how to prevent this from happening.

About: A sugar drop can happen to any puppy under 3 months, but especially the smaller puppies. Young puppies have not fully developed the ability to regulate their sugar (glucose), which is important for their tiny bodies to get the energy they need in order to function like the adorable puppy that you love so much. The symptoms associated with a sugar drop include: disorientation, will not eat or drink, excessive sleeping, weakness, and if the problem gets worse it could cause seizures, tremors, and/or a coma.

Prevention: A well balanced diet is important. Small puppies should also eat before they do a lot of playing and eat as often as possible. Along with their regular dry dog food , I like to mix in some "Pedigree Chicken and Rice." As an extra precaution, I tend to give my small puppies "DocRoy's Forti Cal Gel." This is an excellent way to make sure your small puppy gets enough of the glucose they need. Also, once they get a taste of it.. they absolutely LOVE it. Make sure not to use too much though, a small dab of it on your finger about four times a day should do it. You could also use it for a training tool since they love it so much. As long as you use these precautions, you should not have a single problem. These add-ons to his/her diet can be taken away after the puppy has grown some and adjusted to his/her new home. Not all puppies will need this to prevent a sugar drop, just the smaller ones.

Since this is so common in these small, adorable puppies; I will not allow a puppy to leave my home until he/she is at least 2 pounds. The stress that the puppy has from leaving my home (where he/she grew up) and going to a new place with new people can increase his/her chances of having a sugar drop. Therefore, I wanted to include this information so that people can be better prepared for keeping their puppy happy and healthy for a long loving life. I have not had any problems from any of the people who have gotten a puppy from me but, I would rather be safe than sorry.


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